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In English

Lecture March 12, 2013, “An Economist's View,” in seminar at the Department of Private Law, Univ. of Oslo,
on Investment Services and Contract Law.

In Norwegian

Lecture April 18, 2012, in Norwegian: “Erfaringer med rammevilk&aringr for petroleumsproduksjon i Norge,”
(Experiences with conditions for petroleum production in Norway), at a conference on review of Danish
petroleum taxation and regulation, Danish Ministry of Taxation.

Forelesning påFaglig-pedagogisk dag, Nov 1, 2012: “Sammensatte finansielle produkter - uforst&aringelige
eller nyttige?”.

Comments (in Norwegian) on “Oil for Development,” presentation at a seminar organized by
Radikalt &oslashkonominettverk on October 28, 2006, on the economics of natural resources.

Link to some newspaper articles on cash support for families with children.

Forelesning på Faglig-pedagogisk dag, Jan 3, 2001: “Kontantstøtte til hvilken pris?”.


Here I have collected four documents on marketing of financial products:

(All links are pdf files)

Ruling from Borgarting appeals court 9 January 2012, with my dissenting opinion on pp. 89–98

Lecture at Faglig-pedagogisk dag 1 November 2012, “Sammensatte finansielle produkter, uforståelige eller nyttige?” (in Norwegian)

Lecture, “An Economist's View,” at 12 March 2013 in seminar at the Department of Private Law, University of Oslo, on Investment Services and Contract Law

Article, “Tvilsom markedsføring av finansielle produkter,” Samfunnsøkonomen, vol. 128, no. 7, 2014, pp. 4–14

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