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W a r . n e w s
photos . of . my . JH Reunion
I uploaded a bunch of photos I took while I was on my Junior High Reunion. Good stuff, check out the pictures. More pictures can be found on puppa.mine.nu

qt . ldap
I uploaded a small LDAP browser i wrote in C/C++ and QT. It can be downloaded here.

puppa . mine . nu
This server is actually running home on my kitchen :) You'll find more pictures there, and perhaps some other not so useful stuff. Click here.

am . i . logged . in
See for yourself.
last updated: 28.04.2003
a b o u t . m e
intro .
Wargamez was born in Mysen, Østfold and was subsequently shipped off (using FedEx) to Oslo, by his loving parents. There, he was raised by 2 wolves and a hedgehog where he learned the values of asian food and morning coffee.

what . now
Wargamez still lives in Oslo, hacking away at various systems, working for Opera Software ASA and writing his Master Thesis at UiO. He also enjoys photographing.

contact .
email1 . myhre@opera.com
email2 . espenmy@ifi.uio.no
phone . (+47) 90987655

CV .
last updated: 28.04.2003
l i n k s .
F r i e n d s
Eirik Meland
Asbjørn Reglund Thorsen
Mathias Meisfjordskar
Andre Bratli
Sara Follestad

O t h e r
last updated: 28.04.2003
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