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I had planned to show the “top view” in this section. But again I did not have enough time to design and implement it completely. Once completed, this section was supposed to contain the “condensed available evidence into a crisp and clear statement, as much as possible”; but I didn’t manage it.

Yet, I am going to declare few sample questions here, that their answers can be of great importance in deciding whether Ehrlich was right or wrong.



Look at the below lines please:


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Is the Earth really endangered by the human population growth?

The answer to this question is positive and can be shown in these two graphical illustrations:

 If you on this link: Human Numbers Through Time, and then click on the interactive window at the left side, you will see human growth rate in the past two thousand years.

The below one, shows population growth rate during the last 55 years, forecasted until year 2050:

Both these pictures show that doubling time have become too small and human communities can not accommodate comming generations properly. 

Has Ehrlich been moderate and realist in his forecasts?


Are Ehrlich's critics just?


Has any essential change really happened during the last four decades to make Ehrlich's "doom sayings" invalid?


Have Ehrlich's warnings been of any importance? In other words has he changed anything by his opinions?


Is it really possible to predict what is going to happen in the coming decade at all?


What do statistics tell us about Ehrlich's judgments?