The present is made up of memories from the past. Some say hindsight is always 20/20. When it comes to childhood memories, however, I believe there's no such thing as absolute clarity. Memories fade, experiences overlap, the years merge and places blur. Revisiting your childhood may reveal interesting truths about yourself.


Some things may not be quite like you remember them. The wonderful places of past may have been rebuilt, destroyed or just disappeared. Sometimes a single discovery may lead to a plethora of new revelations. Sometimes revisiting and reliving your memories triggers certain moods and feelings, thus strengthening yor understanding of the original memory.


How is everything related? Are there any secret connections? Are your heroes of the past your heroes of the present as well? Are the villains still terrifying? Is pizza really the food for ninjas? Do you get to decide how you remember? Can you order your memories? Who's in control?


In the end, memories may be all we have...

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