Welcome to folk.uio.no/jensrli — Academic Website of Rasmus Liland
Fig.1: Rasmus, Q1 2012.

An NMBU-based M.Tech. student of chemical and biological engineering, focusing mainly on bioinformatics and applied statistics, as of the autumn semester 2016 applying for

at UiO to test out the waters of a different academic environment to breathe new fresh air as well as different attitudes towards chemistry to see if I can become another Nobel Laureate or something. Thus far, my impression of the UiO institution stays positive, and the lectures of that INF1060 Operating Systems course remains a true homecoming to my own allies.

The spring semesters of 2017/2018 are thus far intended to be really brief and general intros to classic molecular biology/systems biology (MBV2010/MBV2020), bioinformatics (INF4350), as well as analytical chemistry (KJM2400); before embarking on those final theostat (Hogg), genomics, and R programming courses back at my home institution during autumn 2017, before my grand master finale at a roughly estimated total sum of ECTS credits in the interval from 300 to 350 expected during 2018.

As of 2016-09-17, my personal website and blog (which currently intentionally lacks the de jure standard commenting system functionality) is served by myself at http://jrl.uk.to.

Also, check out my awesome compilation of notes as of 2017-11-21; which is based on more than 5000 lines of LaTeX transcribed by myself/automated in python2, based loosely on loose pieces of paper, i.e. textbooks, from here and there, serving as a kind-of-useful lookup source for myself from time to time; made available here in an altruistic manner, as other people might find this useful too.