DIY: Insulating your ski boots,
no more cold feet while skiing!

Brought to you by Joakim Magnus Taraldsen, Norway 22/01-2004

Going skiing, temperature: -14 degrees Celsius (7 degrees Fahrenheit).
After a half hour the toes start getting cold. After another half hour
we go inside to warm up our feet. Salesman in skishop will gladly
sell us some USD 150 battery operated ski boot heaters.

What to do now? Answer: Fix cold feet problem by insulating the
ski boots with heat-reflecting foil using USD 2 worth of materials.
Time spent: approx. 1 hour. Satisfaction: very high.

What you need:

Some packing tape and scissors.
A sheet of heat reflective foil ("Mylar emergency blanket" and
"Space blanket" are some common names for it, he who Googleth, findeth).

How to do it:

Remove the inner boots/linings from your ski boots.

Cut a 30cm strip of the blanket so that it covers the area starting over the toebox,
going under the sole and up a bit on the rear of your inner boots.

Fold the strip double and apply using the packing tape.

Apply tape to cover the whole surface of the blanket to protect
it from damage when re-inserting the inner boot/lining.

Enjoy your warm feet on the slopes!

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