Kent-Andre Mardal, Professor in Mechanics, Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo and
Adjunct Research Scientist, Simula Research Laboratory

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Available master projects

For students that would like to go abroad NUPUS provides some opportunities in Europe, while SUURPH provides opportunities in La Jolla, San Diego, US.

I am teaching the courses:

Earlier I have taught:

Post Docs

  1. Martin Sandve Alnæs, 2011-2014
  2. Simon Funke, 2013--2015 (with Marie Rognes)
  3. Erika Kristine Lindstrøm, 2015--
  4. Miroslav Kuchta, 2017-- (with Atle Jensen)

PhD Students

  1. Gunnar Andreas Staff - Numerical Computation of Initial Value Problems originated from Partial Differential Equations, 2006 (main supervisor, with Hans Petter Langtangen)
  2. Martin Sandve Alnæs - A Compiler Framework for Automatic Linearization and Efficient Discretization of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, 2009 (co-supervisor, with Joakim Sundnes)
  3. Kristian Valen-Sendstad - Computational Cerebral Hemodynamics, 2011 (main supervisor, with Anders Logg, Hans Petter Langtangen and Bjørn A. Reif)
  4. Sigrid Dahl - Numerical simulations of blood flow in the left side of the heart, 2012 (co-supervisor, with Bjørn Skallerud, Leif Rune Hellevik, and Jan Vierendeels)
  5. Karen Helene Støverud - Relation between the Chiari I malformation and syringomyelia from a mechanical perspective, 2014 (main supervisor, with Hans Petter Langtangen, Mikael Mortensen, and Victor Haughton)
  6. Ole Elvetun - PDE-constrained optimization: Preconditioners and diffuse domain methods, (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen), 2015.
  7. Giulia Pizzichelli, Modelling approaches of innovative drug delivery strategies for the Central Nervous System , (main supervisor Edoardo Sinibaldi, supervised for part of PhD during stay at Simula with Marie Rognes), 2016
  8. Kartik Jain - Transition to Turbulence in Physiological Flows: Direct Numerical Simulations of Hemodynamics in Intracranial Aneurysms and Cerebrospinal Fluid Hydrodymanics in the Spinal Canal (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Sabine Roller), 2016
  9. Øvind Evju, Computational hemodynamics in cerebral aneurysms: Robustness of rupture risk indicators under different model assumptions, (main supervisor, with Martin Alnæs, Kristian Valen-Senstad, Angelika Sorteberg, Hans Petter Langtangen) 2016
  10. Miroslav Kuchta, Preconditioners for singular problems and coupled problems with domains of different dimensionality , (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Mikael Mortensen), 2017.
  11. Magne Noraas, Operator preconditioning for PDE-constrained optimisation and multiscale problems (main supervisor, with Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen), 2017.
  12. Owais Khan, Numerical characterization of high-frequency flow fluctuations in intracranial aneurysms, (co-supervisor, with main supervisor David Steinman and Kristian Valen-Sendstad), 2016
  13. Trygve Bærland, Preconditioning strategies related to multiphysics problems , 2019 (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Ragnar Winther)
  14. Tormod Landet, Discontinuous Galerkin methods for multiphase flow, 2019 (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Mikael Mortensen)
  15. Vegard Vinje, Mathematical Modeling of Cerebrospinal Fluid Pulsatility and Pathways, 2019 (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Marie Rognes)
  16. Lars Magnus Valnes, 2015-- (main supervisor, with Erika Lindstrøm, Marie Rognes, Per Kristian Eide, Unn Haukvik)
  17. Karl Erik Holter, 2015-- (main supervisor, with Marie Rognes, Anders Dale, and Unn Haukvik)
  18. Eleonora Piersanti, 2015-- (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Marie Rognes)
  19. Jørgen Dokken, 2016-- (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Simon Funke and Agust Johansen)
  20. Jakob Schreiner, 2017-- (main supervisor, with Ola Skavhaug, Aslak Tveito, Leif Oltedal)
  21. Ada Johanne Ellingsrud, 2017-- (co-supervisor, with Marie Rognes, Klas Pettersen, Gaute Einevoll)
  22. Christian Pedersen, 2017-- (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Andreas Carlson)
  23. Rossana Virginia Rojas Molina, 2017-- (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Andreas Carlson)

Master Students

  1. Master Westlie - Utvikling av et Python grensesnitt til Diffpacks C++ biblioteker, 2004.
    Magne and I also developed instant a module for inlining of C++ in Python (main supervisor, with Hans Petter Langtangen)
  2. Asbjørn Reglund Thorsen - Ruby-grensesnitt til Diffpack og analyse av kompilator-opsjoner ved bruk av modifisert ACOVEA, 2005 (main supervisor, with Hans Petter Langtangen)
  3. Nguyen Bao Anh - Visualisering av sammenhengen mellom krefter på et skrog og skrogets bevegelser i sjø, 2005, co-supervisor
  4. Erica Madeleine Linger - Solving the Unsteady Stokes Equations with the Parareal Algorithm, 2005 (main supervisor, with Gunnar Staff)
  5. Richard Magnor Stenbro - Python - Realizer, 2005 (main supervisor)
  6. Didrik Lilja - On testing the optimum principles of Murray's law, 2006 (main supervisor, with Hans Petter Langtangen).
  7. Martin Sandve Alnæs - Finite element simulations of blood flow in the circle of Wills, 2006. (main supervisor)
    See also the material on his homepage and the resulting publication in the journal Stroke
  8. Trygve Klovning Karper - Mixed finite element methods for coupled Darcy-Stokes flow, 2006,
    see also the preprint , published in Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations (main supervisor, with Ragnar Winther).
  9. Robert Bauck Hamar - Kompilering av mindre Python moduler til C++, 2007 (main supervisor).
  10. Susanne Hentschel - Modelling and Simulation of Blood Pressure in Rats, 2008 (co-supervisor, with Hans Petter Langtangen).
  11. Anna Blechingberg - On the Shaking Baby Syndrome, 2010 (main supervisor, with Arne Stray Pedersen and Joachim Sundnes).
  12. Arne Jørgen Arnesen - Comparison of Finite Element Methods for the Navier-Stokes Equations, 2010 (main supervisor).
  13. Gabriela Rutkowska - Computational Fluid Dynamics in Patient-Specific Models with Normal and Chiari I Geometries, 2011, see the additional material and the paper in American Journal of Neuroradiology (main supervisor).
  14. Øvind Evju - Sensitivity analysis of simulated blood flow in cerebral aneurysms, 2011 (main supervisor, with Kristian Valen-Sendstad).
  15. Ida Norderhaug Drøsdal - Porous and Viscous Modeling of Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow in the Spinal Canal Associated with Syringomyelia, 2012 (main supervisor).
  16. Sebastian Warmbrunn, Inspecting endovascular aneurysm treatments with porous medium flow simulations and the use of a statistical framework, (main supervisor, with Katerina Baber and Rainer Helmig, Stuttgart) 2012.
  17. Adrian Hope, Analysis of a system of elliptic partial differential equations and its possible boundary conditions when discretized with Hermite and Lagrange elements , 2012 (main supervisor, with Mikael Mortensen).
  18. Mikkel Sanderud, Patient-Specific Modeling of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (main supervisor, with Karen Støverud and Per Kristian Eide), 2012.
  19. Håkon Østerbø, The Effects of Heart Rate on Blood Flow in Intracranial Aneurysms (main supervisor, with Martin Sandve Alnæs and Øvind Evju), 2013.
  20. Jarle Sogn, Stabilized Finite Element Methods for the Brinkman Equation on Fitted and Fictitious Domains (main supervisor, with Andre Massing), 2014.
  21. Nina Kristine Kylstad, Simulating the Viscoelastic Response of the Spinal Cord, 2014 (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Marie Rognes).
  22. Ingebort Sauge Torpe An in-depth study of one-shot optimization with applications to magnetic resonance elastography, 2014 (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Marie Rognes).
  23. Timo Koch Coupling a vascular graph model and the surrounding tissue to simulate flow processes in vascular networks (co-supervisor, with Natalie Schroder and Rainer Helmig, Stuttgart, Andre Massing, Simula), 2014.
  24. Tom Nærland Geometry decomposition algorithms for the Nitsche method on unfitted geometries (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Andre Massing), 2014.
  25. Torbjørn Seland, Mathematical analysis of epidemic systems comparison of different models (main supervisor, with Hans Petter Langtangen), 2014.
  26. Ada Johanne Ellingsrud, Preconditioning unified mixed discretizations of coupled Darcy-Stokes flow (co-supervisor, with Marie Rognes), 2015.
  27. Per Thomas Haga, Numerical simulations of advection-dominated scalar mixing with applications to spinal CSF flow and drug transport (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Mikael Mortensen and Giulia Pizzichelli), 2015.
  28. Imran Ali, Visualization of Second Order Tensor Fields (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Øyvind Andreasson, Anders Helgeland), 2015.
  29. Kristian Hesselberg Brox, Comparison of some preconditioners for the coupled Navier-Stokes equations (main supervisor, with Magne Nordaas), 2015.
  30. Vegard Vinje - Simulating Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow and Spinal Cord Movement Associated with Syringomyelia -- Fluid Structure Interaction in Idealized Geometries, (main supervisor, with Marie Rognes and Victor Haughton), 2016. A paper based on the thesis was published here.
  31. Vetle Christoffer Torpmann-Hag Frostelid - Non-intrusive experimental investigation of flow in complex aneurysmal geometries (co-supervisor, main supervisor Atle Jensen), 2016
  32. Jakob Schreiner - Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow In Patient Specific Geometries Comparisons With in vivo Measurements (main supervisor, with Erika Lindstrøm), 2016. A paper based on the thesis was published here.
  33. Shifteh Sherafat - Idealized Simulations of Vasoconstriction and Vasodilation of Cerebral Arteries based on Mechanotransduction (main supervisor, with Simon Funke), 2016
  34. Katrin Stollenmaier - Modelling of intra- and extracellular flow and transport processes (co-supervisor, with Tobias Koppl, Timo Koch, Karl Erik Holter), University of Stuttgart, 2016
  35. Andreas Thune - A parallel in Time Method for Optimal Control - Parareal-Based Preconditioner for the BFGS Algorithm (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Simon Funke), 2017
  36. Sebastian Kenji Mitusch - An Algorithmic Differentiation Tool for FEniCS (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Simon Funke), 2018
  37. Christian Bjørland - Explicit Time Stepping Schemes for the Bidomain Model (co-supervisor with main supervisor Joakim Sundnes), 2018
  38. Valentyna Pysarieva - A posteriori modelling error estimation for linear elasticity and poroelasticity (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Marie Rognes), 2018
  39. Nithusha Tharmanathan - Investigating the Advantages of Having a Tensor Product Finite Element Software - A comparison with FEniCS(main supervisor, with co-supervisor Espen Sande), 2018
  40. Shako Farhad -- Investigation of Nanoparticles in Zebrafish using Particle Tracking Velocimetry (main supervisor), 2018
  41. Emilie Ødegaard -- A posteriori error estimation for multiple-network poroelasticity (co-supervisor, with main supervisor Marie Rognes), 2018
  42. Bjørn Grønntun (co-supervisor with main supervisor Glenn Terje Lines)

Bachelor Students

  1. Jan Helmig - A Numerical Investigation of the Stability of Different Schemes for a Simplified Fluid-Structure Interaction Scheme with Application to Physiological Problems , (main supervisor, with Marek Behr and Lutz Pauli, Aachen), 2013.