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A Fairly New Book

Leary, C. and Kristiansen, L.: A Friendly Introduction to Mathematical Logic.

The book is available from a number of internet bookstores.

Read a review from the Mathematical Association of America here.

.... and here is an another review of the book.

The book is listed as an Approved Textbook by AIM.

I found an interesting and competent review at Amazon (scroll down).

Logic at the University of Oslo

For more on logic at the University of Oslo (courses, seminars etc.), follow this link.

Recent Events in Oslo

Proof, Computation, Complexity 2015

Symposium on the occasion of the retirements of Herman Ruge Jervell and Dag Normann


INF5840 - spring term 2018 (Computability Theory)

INF2080 - spring term 2019 (Computability and Complexity)

MAT-INF3600 - autumn term 2018 (Mathematical Logic)


  • Juvenal Murwanashyaka (MSc Mathematics, current).
  • Arne Tobias Malkenes Ødegaard (MSc Mathematics, 2018).
  • Sigurd Kittilsen (MSc Computer Science, 2017).
  • Andreas R. Askeland (MSc Computer Science 2015).
  • Bedeho Mender (MSc Computer Science 2009).
  • Mathias Barra (MSc Mathematics 2004, PhD Mathematics 2010).
    Barra's PhD thesis on small subrecursive classes is available here. The thesis also contains some stuff on ordinals and a problem of Skolem's.
  • Miscellaneous

    I am the owner of an offprint of "Ein Vollständigkeitsbeweis des zweiwertigen Aussagenkalküls" by Jan Lukasiewics. The cover is signed by the author with a dedication to Thoralf Skolem.

    My Erdös number is less or equal to 3. (Check the details.)

    My coauthors: Stål Aanderaa, James Avery, Amir Ben-Amram, Mathias Barra, Mark Burgess, Ivan Georgiev, Neil Jones, Christopher Leary, Robert (Bob) Lubarsky, Bedeho M.W. Mender, Jean-Yves Moyen, Juvenal Murwanashyaka, Karl-Heinz Niggl, Hans Kristian Ruud, Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta, Frank Stephan, Paul Voda, Andreas Weiermann.