Professor Anders Malthe-Sørenssen

Director, Center for Computing in Science Education, a Center of Excellence at the University of Oslo

Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway
Physics of Geological Processes a Center of Excellence at the University of Oslo, Norway


Research Interests


My current teaching activity focuses on revitalizing the teaching of undergraduate science coursees by seamless integration of computational methods in order to give students an early contact with research and industrially relevant problems.

I am working actively to make student learning the focus of my teaching activities, employing for example personal response systems in my lectures, and introducing active teaching methods to my courses.


I have significant experience in the industrialization of research, both from working several years in a high-tech start-up company, and from technical due dilligence evaluations. I have initiated and developed several large scale industrially financed research projects that have resulted in patented technologies.

Further information

Curriculum Vitae with list of publications.