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Office I: Room C273, University College of Southeast Norway, Department of Microsystems, Raveien 197, N-03184 Horten, Norway
Tel: +47 31 00 93 15 03  Mob: +47 959 03 989
Office II (Mostly Thursdays): Department of Physics, University of Oslo, P.O.Box 1048, Blindern, N-0316 Oslo,
Room FV313A, Sem Saelands vei 24 , the Physics Building, Tel: +47 22 85 50 50 Dir Call: +47 22 85 44 04
   Fax: +47 22 85 64 22
Home: Grønsundvn 150, N-1360 Nesbru, Norway. Tel: +47 66 84 94 01
E-mail 1: Per.Ohlckers(at)usn.
no  E-mail 2: Per.Ohlckers(at)fys.uio.no (replace (at) with @) Internet homepage: http://folk.uio.no/poe

I work as Professor at Department of Microsystems (IMS), Faculty of  Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences, University College of Southeast Norway, Campus Vestfold in Horten, Vestfold, Norway.

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I am also Professor Emeritus at Dep of  Physics,University of Oslo from 2014, after having been Adjunct Professor since 2007, and before that Adjunct Asc. Professor from 1993.

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As an example of what I do here, see the linked information on the textbook  used in the courses FYS4260 and FYS9260: Leif Halbo and Per Ohlckers:
"Electronic Components, Packaging and Production" ISBN 82-992193-2-9. Here other lecturing material   can be  downloaded, like transparancies and exam tests.


Downloads: See my presentation «Publish or Perish» on scientific writing—invited presentation at MME2016 in Cork, Ireland



I also have a position as general manager  of ¨Diamond Nanomachines AS, earlier 54.7 AS, a microsystem start-up company from 1999. This company has low activity due to lack of funding, but hopefully we can ramp up the activities later on. We had a close collaboration with INTEX in Tucson in USA and Pationor Coatings in Moscow in Russia on MEMS devices based on silicon and diamond-like nanocomposites, with a family of dynamic infrared emitters as a good example. These IR emitters are mainly used for FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) based gas sensors.

Click on image for more information. Detailed specification to be found on the web pages of the US distributor Hawkeye Technologies.

{short description of image}I worked as Vice President, Research & Product Development, DAVIS A/S, from February 1, 1998 till July 31, 1999.

DAVIS is focused on digital multimedia products, with electronic projectors and wide screen monitors as the main products. They are mainly based upon silicon micromachined mirrors from Texas Instruments (TI).This Digital Light Processing™ (DLP™) technology is, in a word, revolutionary. Based on the Digital Micromirror Device™ (DMD™), which uses over 800,000 microscopic mirrors on the XGA image resolution chip to reflect images on screen, DLP finally presents a way to display information digitally. More information on the DLP technology from Texas Instruments can be found be clicking here.

SensonNorI worked as R&D Coordinator, SensoNor asa, until January 31, 1998. {short description of image}

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My leisure craze #1 is orienteering as a member of the Orienteering Group, I.L Tyrving.

(Navigating as fast as possible in the woods with a map and a compass)

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