Renaud Toussaint
PostDoctoral Fellow, UiO, Dept of Physics, group " Complex Systems and Soft Materials".

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Research Interests:

Fracture of heterogeneous materials &

Statistical physics emerging from quenched disorder.

Hydrofracture: simulations and analog laboratory experiments. &

Coupled granular / fluid flows in dense regime.

Soft condensed matter: Interaction models, statistical physics and brownian dynamics of magnetic colloidal systems.

Compaction dynamics of populations of elastoplastic grains.

Current Projects:

Pattern formation during air injection in a granular material confined in a Hele-Shaw cell (collaboration with Pr. Knut-Jørgen Måløy and Pr. Eirik G. Flekkøy, University of Oslo - UiO, and Oeistein Johnssen,UiO)

Pattern formation during water injection in laponite gels confined in Hele-Shaw cells (collaboration with Jon-Otto Fossum, Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology - NTNU, Herbert Yanksson, NTNU, Knut- Jørgen Måløy and Eirik G. Flekkøy, UiO)

Effective interactions and statistical physics of magnetic holes populations in ferrofluid layers (collaboration with Geir Helgesen, Institute for Energy - I.F.E., Pr. Arne T. Skjetlorp, I.F.E., Jørgen Akselvoll, I.F.E.-UiO)

Hydrofracture models (collaboration with Eirik G. Flekkøy)

Extension of statistical physics to damage and fracture mechanics (collaboration with Pr. Steven R. Pride, University of Rennes I)

Gravitational compaction of elastoviscoplastic grain populations (collaboration with L. Uri, UiO)

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