Siddhartha Mishra

Post Doc

Center of Mathematics for Applications,
University of Oslo
Phone: 00-47-22855649
Fax: 00-47-22854349
E-mail: siddharm@cma.uio.no
Office: B 905, Nils Henrik Abel Building.

About me

I am currently a Post Doc at the Center of Mathematics for Applications, a center of excellence at the University of Oslo in Norway. My mentors are Kenneth H. Karlsen and Nils Henrik Risebro at the CMA. I completed my PhD in Applied Mathematics in 2005 at the Indian Institute of Science and The TIFR center in Bangalore, India. My thesis supervisor was Prof. Adimurthi at the TIFR center. My PhD thesis is entitled "Analysis and Numerical Approximation of Conservation laws with discontinuous coefficients". I was born in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India and completed my schooling and undergraduate education there. I completed my Masters Degree in Mathematical Sciences in 2003 with my Masters thesis being entitled "Scalar Conservation laws with Discontinuous flux.". I have been a visiting research student at the project ESTIME at INRIA, Rocquencourt in Paris, France. You can take a look at my CV for more details. Some non-academics interests are in my Personal page.

Research Interests


Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing.
Applied Partial Differential equations.
Computational Fluid and Plasma Dynamics.

The above figure is a contour plot for the simulation of a Orszag-Tang vortex in Magneto-Hydro Dynamics by using a Godunov-type Riemann Solver. A detailed account of my research interests can be found here


A list of my publications is given. You can download the pdf files of my papers.


Fall 2006: PDE and Sobolev Spaces ( MAT-INF 4300 ): University of Oslo (Instructor for a part of the course).
Spring 2006: Nonlinear PDE ( MAT 4380 ): University of Oslo (Instructor for a part of the course).
Fall 2003: Numerical Analysis :IISc - TIFR Bangalore. (Teaching Assistant).
Summer 2003: Topics in Functional Analysis :IISc - TIFR Bangalore (Instructor).
Fall 2002 : Topology : IISc- TIFR Bangalore (Teaching Assistant).
Fall 2002: Hyperbolic PDE : IISc-TIFR Bangalore (Instructor for a part of the course).
Summer 2002: Topics in Measure theory : IISc - TIFR Bangalore (Instructor)

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