Solveigs hjemmeside

Solveig Synnøve Lyby, SGO1910, fall semester


GIS Labs

First of all a link to the Department of Archeology, Conservation and Historical Studies  where I am taking my bachelor degree, in archeology. It gives you the most important information about these studies.
My most frequently used search engine is Kvasir. It usually find what i want here, and I think the themes section is good and easy to use.
Have you ever heard of the CIA fact book? Sounds a bit strange to me, but it has lots of maps and information about the nations of the world. From geographical information and statistics to a very brief history.
In my search for the next cd to buy I sometimes find
AMG useful. All the information you could think of, about all kinds of music.
And last but not least you need a few laughs every ones in a wile. Thats when I read a few