Thomas Mathiesen, professor i rettssosiologi. / professor of sociology of law.


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Dette er et utdrag fra starten av "AN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NOTE" / This is an excerpt from the beginning of "AN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NOTE".

There are two views on autobiographical notes, especially as scientists go. The one is that notes of this kind are unnecessary. Our works stand for themselves, and tell their story. The other is that such notes sometimes add something to the understanding of our works. I am of the latter opinion.

Methodologically, this is difficult territory. We write about what we experienced in the past. But we write about it contextualized in the present, through the glasses of contemporary times. This means that we know how the story ended, which we didn’t know when we experienced it as it actually took place at the time. It also means that we have a kind of outsider’s perspective – an older, wiser or less wise, individual, with other experiences added to those of the past.

These are, as I say, thorny methodological problems. They are also interesting problems. In any event, here I simplify things by largely letting the problems remain undiscussed. Maybe some other time – a discussion now would lead me on to a different trail than the one I wish to follow. But let me emphasize that I am telling a story from the past as seen from the present, and with knowledge of how the story finally ended.


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Silently Silenced
Essays on the creation of acquiesence in modern society

Waterside Press, 2004

Skjellig grunn til mistanke?
En studie av forhørsretten

Pax Forlag A/S, 2003

Makt og medier
En inføring i mediesosiologi

Pax Forlag A/S, 2002

Retten i samfunnet.
En innføring i mediesosiologi

Pax Forlag A/S, 2001

Retten i samfunnet
En inføring i rettssosiologi

Pax Forlag A/S, 2005

Prison on trial
3nd. edition

Waterside Press, 2006

Siste ord er ikke sagt
Schengen og globaliseringen av kontroll

Pax Forlag A/S, 2000

Thomas Mathiesen
En kronologisk bibliografi over forfatterskapet 1956-1999

Nasjonalbibliotekets bibliografier ; 2