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Valerie Maupin


Research interests

Project TopoScandiaDeep


GEO1040 – Grunnkurs i programmering for geofaglige problemstillinger

GEO4260 - Geodynamics

GEO4100 – Environmental Geology

INF-GEO3310/4310 Imaging

A course on inversion and tomography given on special request. Take contact.

Professor in Solid Earth physics

As a seismologist, I study how vibrations caused by earthquakes propagate through the Earth, and what they can tell us about the constitution of the Earth's deep interior.


Previously, I worked at the University of Strasbourg, where I obtained my PhD in 1987 and my "Habilitation a diriger des recherches" in 1994. I have also worked at the Australian National University and at NORSAR.

Postal address: PO Box 1047 Blindern, N-0316 Oslo, Norway
Tel:(47) 22 85 57 56
Fax:(47) 22 85 42 15
E-mail: valerie.maupin@geo.uio.no

Redaksjon: valerie.maupin@geo.uio.no