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·        Asheim, G.B., T. Fæhn, K. Nyborg, M. Greaker, C. Hagem, B. Harstad, M.O. Hoel, D. Lund, K.E. Rosendahl (2019): The Case for a Supply-Side Climate Treaty, Science 365 (6451), 325-327 (https://doi.org/10.1126/science.aax5011).

·        Lind, J.T., A. Pauls, K. Nyborg (2019): Save the Planet or Close Your Eyes? Testing Strategic Ignorance in a Charity Context, Ecological Economics 161, 9-19.

·        Hauge, K.E., K.A. Brekke, K. Nyborg, J.T. Lind (2018): Sustaining cooperation through self-sorting: The good, the bad, and the conditional, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 116 (12), 5299-5304.